Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Our Service

Our dedicated templaters will come and visit you at home to discuss your exact requirements. They will make exact templates of your worktops, showing the positions of joints, hobs, sinks, grooves and any other finer details you may require.

Cutting and sealing

The templates are then bought back to our factory to be cut on the latest CNC saws, whilst the hobs, grooves, tap holes, sink cut outs and radius corners are all manufactured on the latest CNC profiling machines. The worktops are then hand finished to the highest standards before being sealed with Drytreat, a market leading impregnating sealer.


Our highly trained installation teams will arrive at your property to fit your bespoke kitchen worktops to give your kitchen a beautiful new look.

Because of Just Granite’s commitment to quality, none of our work is ever out sourced and all of our employees are directly employed by Just Granite enabling us complete control over every aspect of your project from beginning to end.


Other points to note


Samples shown are indicative of the material only, as we are dealing with a natural product variations to shade and composition are normal in granites. For very variable materials, we recommend you view the slabs prior to template and manufacture.

Customers are always welcome to visit the factory and view the slabs and showroom by appointment.

Length of granite tops

Slab sizes will vary due to current available stock, but the maximum length of a slab would be three metres. However technical reasons, such as: support, access and fragility could have an impact.

Profile choices

We are assisted by the latest CNC profiling machines and saws.  


These can be 20mm or 30mm thick and normally are up to 100mm, but can vary dependent on customer specifications. If a different thickness is required, there may be a variation in the shade according to stock. Window sills, plinths and end panels are also available to provide that finishing touch to your kitchen.


Worktop only change

You will need to remove all temporary or existing tops prior to templates being taken. We do not remove worktops and are unable to take an exact template with worktops in place. Unfortunately we cannot remove sinks, hobs, taps or other appliances either. The carcasses must be suitable for granite worktops.


We would ideally like the customer to be present when we template so all can be agreed prior to manufacture to avoid any disappointment or misinterpretation of expectations.


Our granite worktops carry a lifetime guarantee* for normal use and we are always available to help and advise.


*terms and conditions apply.


Care & Maintenance Guide

Granite sealer

Due to its granular construction granite is porous to some degree and usually the lighter the granite, the more porous it tends to be. Some granites may look as if they have an open face, this is natural and normal. To reduce the slight absorbency of granites, the tops are treated with a proprietary sealer in the factory.

When your worktops are installed, you will be given a care sealer/cleaner to help you maintain the non-porosity of your granite top. Marble, limestone and other natural stones are far more porous.

Stain resistance

Whilst granite is highly stain resistant, oils and grease based substances can stain if not wiped up quickly. You may notice darker areas of granite, especially in lighter coloured worktops that are due to water absorption where a wet area has been left to stand – these should disappear as the granite dries out.

We seal the granite worktops before they leave the factory but some lighter coloured granites may require re-sealing from time to time.

Marble, limestone and other natural stones may stain more easily and therefore be vigilant and wipe away spills quickly. Marbles and limestone are particularly susceptible to acid damage i.e. lemon juice, vinegar, fruit juices and staining from red wine etc.

Chips & Scratches

Care should be taken with gritty deposits on the underside of boxes etc. which can scratch the surface of the granite however, normal usage should not scratch or chip the worktop. We do recommend the use of chopping boards as although it is unlikely you will cut into the granite, on some plain granites such as Black you may notice faint scratch marks appear and find that you will blunt your knives.

Heat Resistance

Granite is extremely heat resistant and the use of hot rods or grids are not required for pans and dishes off the hob or out of the oven. The exception to this rule would be pans that are glowing with heat or chip pan fires etc.

Routine Maintenance

We recommend hot soapy water with a mild detergent and buff up with a dry cloth or chamois leather for a smear free surface. Glass cleaner can also be used on granite but do not use on marbles or limestone etc.


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